Crystal Coin & Collectibles

If you need a written appraisal for insurance, an estate settlement, or just for peace of mind Crystal Coin is the place to go. Our numismatic experts have over 33 years experience dealing in rare coins.  The company owner is a 38 year honored member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), a published numismatic author, and has catalogued numerous collections for major auction companies.  We have the qualifications and the expertise to give you a professional and accurate appraisal on your rare coin and paper money holdings.  Whether you have a million dollar collection or just a few coins that you have inherited, we would love to do your appraisal!

Our appraisal charges are the most competitive in the business.  For in store written appraisals we charge $75 per hour.  If you need us to travel to your bank or whereever you have your coins housed, the charges are $175 per hour plus any travel expenses that might occur (lodging, food, milage expenses) for trips over 50 miles.  Crystal Coin's appraisal policy insures that you get the most value for your appraisal dollar.  If, after the appraisal, you decide to sell us the coins that we have appraised for you we will refund your total appraisal charges excluding travel expenses.  Of course if you just have coins that you want to bring into the store to possibly sell there is no charge for a valuation.  Whether you have one coin or a box of coins we would love to look at your coins!

For any in-store appraisals please call ahead and make an appointment.  For in-store appraisals we generally don't need much of an advance notice.  For all out of store appraisals advance appointments must be made.  Walk-in customers with coins to sell are always welcome at any time.
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